Business Oriented Technologists for the Life and Reinsurance Industries.

We are a part of the industry and our unique technology is built for your business with over 20 years of innovative technology development for Life and Reinsurance.  We partner with you to develop and deliver exceptional cloud-based solutions for your need to effectively control and maintain up-to-date information.

How We Partner with You

  • We take the time to fully understand you and your business challenges.

  • We bring our proven track record and experience to identify the right fit for your specific need.

  • We use our unique perspective to turn your good ideas into superlative solutions.

  • We build, implement, and integrate for you, ensuring your success.

  • We stay by your side as a responsive and reliable partner; before, during and after launch.

We Want to Work with Leaders Like You

  • We will design, develop, refine and implement a solution suited to your needs quickly and affordably.

  • We will deliver immediate and meaningful impact. Let’s walk before we run by starting with your most urgent need. Our solutions will build a clear and direct value proposition.

  • We will put our money where our mouth is. Let us prove to you how we can help your business through a pilot project.


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction and Success


Information Design

Structuring your content properly means that it can be accessed easily and that takes consideration and forethought. Leverage our industry and product knowledge to identify the best way to present your information to your teams for the most effective use of our systems.


Increase productivity and ensure that important issues don’t fall through the cracks by tying systems together and providing a seamless interface. We have the unique skill and talent to creatively tie disparate systems together quickly and affordably.


OnDex is a technology platform where add-ons can be developed in order to fit your organization’s’ specific needs. OnDex extensions included custom workflows, calculators, rules engines, user interfaces, and underwriter workbenches.

Migration and Transformation

We have the tools and know-how to quickly and easily migrate and transform your content from legacy systems into OnDex. Utilizing the platform, its workflow and controls is the best way to assess and clean up your content, files, and documentation.

Application Development

Extend your team’s competencies and capabilities by utilizing our application development services. We are known for our ability to architect, design, and develop applications on behalf of our clients – ones that meet and exceed their organizational needs.

Innovation Ideation

Technology is a tool we use in order to get business goals and objectives accomplished. With our broad market perspective, we understand how technology can be used specifically within this industry in order to help your company gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.