Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform

OnDex makes the development and distribution of your company’s critical business information simple and scalable, making it highly searchable and easily accessible – helping your people to make better decisions faster and with confidence.

OnDex works for every department and business unit. Whether they use it for versioned process documentation, as a searchable file repository for document life cycle management, or for controlled access to policies, procedures and reference materials – OnDex makes it quick and easy to develop, distribute, and access the information that everyone needs to do their jobs effectively.

How It Works

OnDex combines leading edge enterprise content management, file management and learning management into a single, easy-to-use cloud-based business information portal. We use familiar interfaces and simple-to-follow setup guides to help you quickly create a customized solution and keep all of your institutional knowledge and at your employees’ fingertips.

Make Information Easy to Find

In highly regulated industries like Life and Reinsurance, ensuring people get the right information at the right time is critical. Speed and accuracy in underwriting new insurance policies is a competitive advantage for companies looking to grow. Having a single centralized platform helps you develop consistency with your underwriting manuals, human resources guidelines, pricing standards, product management information and enterprise procedures and policies all in one convenient, seamless place.

Reduce Complexity and Eliminate Errors

Having one source of truth for your company means you can be confident that employees access the correct information quickly when making decisions; no more hunting through shared drives or old email messages. OnDex has content development tools, multi-language support, built-in workflows, and automated communications, ensuring that the most up to date information is published and that your people will make well informed decisions, every time.

Keep Compliant

Regulated industries have complex audit requirements that can be difficult to meet. OnDex tracks every keystroke, maintains versions of documents, and produces detailed audit trails for everything it houses, making compliance easy to manage and providing you with valuable insights into how your information is being used.

How Teams Use OnDex

Risk Management

Develop, manage, share, and version all your pricing, products, policies, procedures and reports in a secure, single source platform that’s easy to control.


Gain control over your own content with OnDex’s publishing workflow and provide an underwriter’s desktop where manuals, impairments, ratings, codes, and files are seamlessly integrated.


Easily and securely manage all of your corporate governance, board minutes, and business plans; ensuring that nothing gets misplaced or overwritten.

Human Resources

Enable your new employees to easily find all the information they need to do their job – and store all of your company’s training in an easy to search and view interface.


Ensure that all of your company’s employees are seeing the current and correct policy information that meet your industry’s regulations and grant controlled access for auditors.

IT & Security

Access, store, and update your Disaster Recovery Plans, audits, reports, and test results and any other form of documentation easily and instantaneously.

Call Center Operations

Shorten the distance between your CSRs and the information they need to answer questions quickly and accurately – even integrate OnDex with your IVR systems.


Make it easy to create, edit, track, iterate, and collaborate on contracts and treaties – manage versions, communications and provide audit trails for all of your legal documents.


  • With OnDex we now have our own manual, a valuable tool for our clients, and have internal consistency as well; internal consistency leads to better decisions – which is better for the bottom line.

  • I had high expectations of the platform. I recognized that it was a product that could actually support our client’s needs. As the platform as evolved, and our usage of it has evolved, the overall value proposition has just grown exponentially.

  • The flexibility and adaptability of the [OnDex] platform to integrate with other systems has been a real eye opener and has saved the company untold thousands of dollars in development, unforeseen thousands in maintenance costs, and then the time it would have taken to get it to market…

  • We no longer have to involve our IT area like we needed to; we find OnDex able to accommodate almost every problem we were running up against with the old system.

  • By making information easier to find, OnDex leads to increased productivity and fewer mistakes.

  • OnDex allows us to be nimble with information that needs to be related to underwriters; changes to the manual are effective, immediate, consistent and confident, leading to greater adherence to guidelines – which leads to better audit results.

  • OnDex is seamless in the ways that clients use and access it. No complaints about usage and reliability. It runs itself from our perspective and that’s a great thing.

Ready to put OnDex to work for you?