Business Oriented Technologists for the Life and Reinsurance Industries.

We understand your business problems, help you solve them, and ensure they stay solved. We pair a top-notch development team with best-in-class client services to provide the resources that allow you to focus on your business.


  • To provide the very best platform to develop, distribute and deliver information across an organization that can capture, share, centralize, information and knowledge in a highly accessible manner.

  • To save time, money and hassles for our clients by offering an extremely affordable, adoptable, and easy to understand application that promotes efficiencies.

  • To empower individuals and teams to use information and knowledge to foster innovation.


Our story begins in 1995 when our company co-founder, David Tessler worked alongside the international Chief Underwriter and a Senior Technical Underwriter at Gerling Global to digitize a paper-based document to create the first ever CD-ROM based Underwriting Manual capable of updating itself from the Internet. Since that time, David has developed numerous Applications, Systems, Platforms, Rules Engines, and Calculators, for Underwriting, Claims, Sales & Marketing, Risk & Retention, and many other parts of the industry to become a leading innovative technologist in the world of Life and Reinsurance.

In 2003, David broke out as a consultant and starting using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools to build some of the industry’s first web-based applications – what is now known as cloud computing. David was able to develop business solutions in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional software engineering firms and knew that he had something that could scale into a full time business.

Around that time, David was introduced to Paul Goldenberg, a small business entrepreneur who specialized in converting ideas and concepts into business opportunities and until that point in time, had brought six companies to market in the United States, Canada and Asia. David sought out Paul to help him scale his consulting practice into a technology company and in that time, David and Paul discovered that they happened to have each independently developed expertise in the areas of workflow management, learning management, and knowledge management. In addition to working together to build the business, they had the opportunity to work on consulting projects together and found that as a team, they worked quite well together.

David and Paul officially became partners on April 1, 2006 (no fooling) and on January 1, 2007 founded Red Wolf Online. The name is inspired by the North American Red Wolf which has special and personal meaning for both David and Paul; and Online describes the fact that all of their work is web-based. Their collective passion for workflow automation and knowledge management lead Red Wolf Online to develop a specialized product, the OnDex Knowledge Management System, for a very niche market: Life and Reinsurance.

Even though OnDex could serve just about any type of company in every type of industry, they want to do one thing really well and help their clients become not just more effective and proficient, but happier doing their jobs. They truly believe that they can improve the work-life of each and every employee that uses OnDex, making their jobs easier and giving back one of their most valuable resources: Time. Their clients frequently tell them that as soon as OnDex was deployed, they immediately saved a full time employee and once the application was adopted (usually within the first day), their staff members were saving up to an hour each day.

Things with Red Wolf Online haven’t always been easy, and the road has had plenty of bumps in it. Over the years, they have focused their energy and attention specifically on the industry and as a result, have developed deep subject matter expertise and domain knowledge; they have become well-known and well-regarded in the industry – and become part of it. Red Wolf has served as technical partners of the AHOU and ALU, and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading Life and Reinsurance companies in the world. The entire team feels lucky to have such terrific clients and they truly love working with them. The companies are leaders in the industry, the teams and individuals are leaders in their fields, and the work is both interesting and challenging. David and Paul also feel truly blessed to have put together such a great team to work with everyday. It makes it a lot of fun to come to the office and work on projects when you sincerely enjoy spending time with the people you work with. The entire Red Wolf team looks forward to developing new relationships, bring on-board new partners and clients, and continuing their superlative work for many years to come.


Each person in our team is an expert in their field and senior in experience, bringing strong business acumen and acute technical know how to each and every project.


David Tessler

Founder & CTO

David is a world-class innovative technologist that has been creating and architecting widely available and highly scalable enterprise class workflow solutions for over 20 years.


Paul Goldenberg

Founder & COO

Paul is the consummate entrepreneur/operator who has led eight companies to market in the last 25 years and brings the expertise of taking a concept through to commercialization.


Brendan Walther

Solution Design

Brendan bridges the gap between requirements and solutions, participating in pre-sales, planning, problem solving, prototyping, project management and planning for Red Wolf Online. He’s a multi-faceted Certified Project Manager, Product Manager, Solution Designer and Client Relationship Manager.


Rachel Harris

Client Services

Rachel is renowned for her exceptional problem solving skills, fine eye for detail, and brings many years of entrepreneurship to her role heading up client services and communications.


Jia Zhu


Jia is our lead developer and database architect whose expertise in design, modeling, and optimization makes him one of the top technologist in his field.


Diego Franco


Raised in the amazing city of Guadalajara, Diego Franco is our expert Quality Assurance and Control specialist. As a junior software developer, Diego utilizes his skills in knowledge in solution architecture, database, design and UIX to ensure that our products and applications get tested and pushed to their limits to handle the heavy demands of our customers.