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Building and Distributing Information

Do you find it difficult to develop and distribute business information in an effective manner? Are you unsure if your employees are accessing the most up to date policies and procedures? Is your company at risk with how it stores and versions it's critical content?

OnDex was built to solve these problems.

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Management and Enforcement of Policy

Do you waste time herding cats and having status update meetings? Do you lack the means to collect proof and validation of compliance activities? Do you need to introduce standards and automation to your traditionally manual and repeatable processes and tasks?

Policy-Enforce was built to solve these problems.

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“In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.”

Ikujiro Nonaka


We see security and compliance as being the two major market forces that are impacting that way that our customers are doing business now and preparing to do business for the future.

Our vision is to develop and deliver the world’s best cloud-based platform for Guidance, Control and Efficiency of Information. Red Wolf Online offers a suite of tools to accomplish these goals. We have built our products independently but also to integrate with one another.

The goal is to drive value for the enterprise by providing access to information. Our platform will help drive access to information, analytics, insights, in order to offer your company better guidance, control and efficiencies.

Red Wolf Online develops its products and services to be online and through the use of advanced development tools, it’s able to offer highly scalable and widely available solutions.

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Red Wolf Online develops web-based products that evolve from a genuine user need to resolve today’s real world business problems.

About Us

Red Wolf Online is a software consultantcy offering low cost, high value productivity tools and services. We work closely with our clients to help them simplify, improve, and automate their workflow in order to increase productivity and mitigate risk.

“Red Wolf Online is very service oriented, responsive, supportive and willing to invest time, energy, effort to form strong relationships with their clients.”

Barry Dixon, VP, Pacific Life Re


Red Wolf Online is lead by an experienced and accomplished team who work side by side with their customers to solve business problems.


Founder & CTO
David is a world-class innovative technologist that has been creating and architecting widely available and highly scalable enterprise class workflow solutions for over 20 years.


Founder & COO
Paul is the consummate entrepreneur/operator who has led eight companies to market in the last 25 years and brings the expertise of taking a concept through to commercialization.


Senior Director, Solution Design
Brendan bridges the gap between requirements and solutions, participating in pre-sales, planning, problem solving, prototyping, project management and planning for Red Wolf Online. He’s a multi-faceted Certified Project Manager, Product Manager, Solution Designer and Client Relationship Manager.


Client Services
Rachel is renowned for her exceptional problem solving skills, fine eye for detail, and brings many years of entrepreneurship to her role heading up client services and communications.


Jia is our lead developer and database architect whose expertise in design, modeling, and optimization makes him one of the top technologist in his field.


Quality Assurance
Miriam leads the software quality assurance and quality control team for Red Wolf Online, leveraging her experience in developing testing plans for data management, interactive web-based distribution systems, and web services.


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